About Us

About Clipper Development Partners LLP


We are a small company that was set up to create high quality, low energy homes and associated community, employment, leisure and retail facilities as part of sustainable developments. Moorlands Farm has been developed to produce some of the lowest energy homes in the country.

The Partners have worked for major construction and development companies over the past 37 years and have extensive experience of building mixed-use communities. We set up our bespoke company in order to be able to create places that enhance their surroundings, creating an area’s most sought after address.

New homes are about the people who live in them and that is why we ensure every individual home, its surroundings, links to local amenities and public transport, not only meet but also exceed our customers lifestyle expectations.
We strive to ensure that our developments are environmentally, socially and economically sustainable. We do this through a commitment to continuously raise the bar by using new and ground breaking technologies and skills when we build our homes.

Your home has been thoughtfully designed to provide spacious and light filled interiors while using highly individual external features. Our approach to creative design seamlessly combines classic and contemporary architecture with reclaimed and modern materials and construction techniques. This has helped us develop homes of all types and sizes, that are both attractive and provide exemplary levels of comfort and energy efficiency.

Our last development in Bath was multi award winning and achieved levels of sustainability that were almost unheard of in housebuilding. It was so rare for properties to achieve what they did, that the government has since withdrawn the scheme due to a lack of companies striving to achieve such levels.

Moorlands Farm is being constructed using the most important lessons learned from our last scheme and the key technologies used to achieve such high, award winning, levels of sustainability are also within your home.